Climate Action

Solar Panels in Tideswell
Wind turbine - Bushey Heath Farm
Climate Action - frack off on Mam Tor
Climate Action - 'frack off' on Mam Tor

Our aim is to become carbon literate and to support Tideswell and District in becoming a low carbon community. 

Things we've been doing...

  • We have established the Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum. This is a platform for young people with a passion for the environment, who care for the future of the climate. The group will drive action for positive environmental change. The CPYF is open to all young people aged 11 years and over, living within the High Peak and Derbyshire Dales. Find out more here.
  • We have planned all our activities around the Seven Steps to Save the Planet featured in Faith Johnson’s talk to TDEG in September 2019.
  • Our Spring 2020 newsletter featured energy use and tips on how to take steps to reduce our carbon footprint. On sustainable card, including a poster on local recycling, 900 newsletters were distributed locally.
  • We have established a link with Tideswell Parish Council and will develop support for climate and environment council business. We have also made positive links with other local climate action groups. 
  • Group members support each other with individual actions, such as sharing ideas on ways to reduce our carbon footprint, campaigning against fossil fuel expansion such as fracking, and writing to our MP to ask her to support the Climate & Ecological Emergency (CEE) Bill.

Things you can do...

  • You can calculate your own carbon footprint using the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator. This also helps you to make choices and take action to reduce your own environmental impact.
  • More energy saving advice is available from a range of helpful organisations. A free Home Energy Check can be obtained through the Buxton Transition Group. Energy-saving advice and information about grants for households can be obtained from the Energy Saving Trust or from this government-endorsed web site Simple Energy Advice 
  • We know that we will all have to do our bit and make changes in our food choices, travel, energy use and behaviour, in order to address this problem. The Centre for Alternative Technology Zero Carbon Britain Project shows “that a modern, zero-emissions society is possible using today’s technology.”
  • Check out our Sustainable Food pages and discover what’s on our doorstep. We can reduce our carbon impact by choosing what food we eat and where we buy it. Together let’s support local businesses to invest in our future!
  • Join Bulb Energy here.
Large onshore wind turbines – controversial?
Large onshore wind turbines – controversial?
Climate action - Stand up for Nature
Climate action - Stand up for Nature
Climate action - Sphagnum planting on Roaches peat bogs
Climate action - Sphagnum planting on Roaches peat bogs

Climate Action group

We have invited Roz Lees, NT Ranger, to talk about Climate Action on the Peak District Moors at one of our future TDEG meetings. Andrea was

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