Make your own bee hotels
Make your own bee hotels
Painted Lady in Tideswell
Plant shrubs for butterflies – a Painted Lady on Buddleia
Erecting Swift boxes on High Street
Erecting Swift boxes on High Street

We want to work together to protect and improve our local wildlife, and encourage more of us to enjoy it and get involved in caring for nature individually and by working with others.

What we’ve been doing …

  • We surveyed local people to see if they had seen swifts, owls or hedgehogs in the area, and if there was other wildlife they were particularly interested in.  (Click for the results)
  • We have established a swift project to fix new nesting boxes on houses around the area. As part of the project we also produced a leaflet about swifts, to encourage people to look out for our returning swifts.
  • We hope to expand the swift project over the coming year, and also help tawny owls and barn owls to thrive.
  • We have provided advice to the Tideswell & District Sports Association on the management of their site for wildlife.
  • We are working with Tideswell Parish Council to consider how public land in the village could be managed to help wildlife in the future.
  • We should celebrate our wonderful local wildlife. We are always interested in your  sightings. Add them to our wildlife sightings page (follow the link below) or share your photos on our group Facebook page. We will summarise your sightings every quarter. Here are our Spring 2020, Summer 2020 and Autumn 2020 blogs.
  • Each year we will list all the wildlife species you have reported – either on our Facebook group page or our web site. Here is the record for 2020 – Species List 2020.

What you can do …

  • Let us know about your wildlife sightings around the local area.  You can post your photos on our Facebook page, or register them here, so we can develop a record and celebrate the wonderful wildlife in our area.
  • You can improve your own garden for wildlife by taking some very simple actions. This can include:
    • creating a small pond;
    • planting wildlife friendly flowers and shrubs for insects and birds;
    • and keeping a small part of your garden a bit messy and undisturbed.

    More information is available here – https://www.derbyshirewildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife/wildlife-gardening

  • Even if you have no garden space yourself, you can still campaign to protect our local wildlife. This year TDEG has been involved in campaigning on the badger cull and the improvement of roadside verges for wild flowers. Watch our group Facebook page for the latest issues.

  • If you are a local group, council or school, you might be interested in a new local business – BeeKinder – who can provide training, outdoor learning and advice about wildlife gardening.

Grey Wagtail, Tideswell Dale
Grey Wagtail, Tideswell Dale
Build a pond for frogs and frogspawn
Build a pond for frogs and frogspawn
Little Owl in Hay Dale, Photo: Howard Crowe
Little Owl in Hay Dale

Species List – 2020

This is the list of species recorded on line by TDEG members (either on our TDEG Facebook group page or web site) and within approximately

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