Going Wild

Daubenton's bat flying over water (photo - Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust)
Make your own bee hotels
Make your own bee hotels
Allowing wild flowers to flourish in your garden will help other creatures.

Join our “Going Wild” project to help create a connected network of green spaces for wildlife right across our area – a new “community nature reserve” for Tideswell and the surrounding area.

Large or small,  your garden or yard could be part of a wider network of natural havens linking community green spaces with our surrounding countryside. Together, our gardens are a vast living landscape. There are an estimated 16 million gardens in the UK, and the way they are cared for can make a big difference to the natural world. We would like to create a connected network of green spaces to help wildlife thrive right across our area – a new “community nature reserve” for Tideswell and the surrounding area.

What you can do….

We would like you to do at least one of the following:

  • Set aside at least two square metres (it doesn’t need to be very precise) of your garden for wildlife;

  • Undertake at least two wildlife projects in your garden, back yard or window box. 

If you own or are responsible for even more land, then do let us know if you are also doing things to help nature recover and we can add you to our map. TDEG would also be happy to advise anyone who has specific queries about helping nature recover on their land (email: wildlife@tdeg.org.uk). 

On our `sign up` form attached below (click on the green button) are some simple projects which you may already be doing or which you intend to do, so please let us know your plans. 

Sign up below and pledge to set aside some of your garden for wildlife. Let’s make 2021 our year for “Going Wild”. 

What we will do…..

  • We will email everyone on our “Going Wild” mailing list with ideas and guidance about simple projects you can carry out in your own gardens to help wildlife flourish.
  • We will never share your name or address with anyone else – and all our data is protected for your privacy in line with data protection regulations. With your permission, we would like to record everyone who has signed up on a simple map to show the extent of our combined efforts. In this way, we can show you how our new community nature reserve is developing and connecting all the wilder gardens and other green spaces on maps covering Tideswell and the surrounding area.
  • We will share our community nature reserve maps here, and you will be able to see how our wilder green spaces connect.


“Going Wild” Maps

The map below shows the gardens of “Going Wildlife” members and other green spaces where TDEG is working with local organisations to improve their sites for wildlife. This map just focuses on Tideswell and Litton. We already have “Going Wild” members signed up in Great Longstone and elsewhere. Once we have further members in other areas, we will create maps for those communities. We will update these maps on a regular basis, to show how our `community nature reserve` is connecting  spaces for nature across our whole area.

Let’s turn our communities wild!

Share Your Success!

We would also like to hear about your wildlife gardening experiences. You can share your successes (and any problems), and send your photographs to us by email (wildlife@tdeg.org.uk). You can also post your photos on our TDEG Facebook page if you wish.

We keep a record of all your wildlife sightings within five miles of Tideswell – so if you see anything interesting, do add your sightings (with a photo if possible) to our wildlife sightings page

Maybe a hedgehog will visit your garden
Painted Lady in Tideswell
Plant shrubs for butterflies - like this beautiful painted lady on a buddleia bush
Create a garden pond for frogs and newts

Wildlife Projects for your Garden

We will email everyone on our “Going Wild” mailing list with wildlife projects to try in your garden or green space each month. We will also share these ideas below. Many organisations also produce great information about gardening for wildlife. Here are some useful links – 

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No Mow May

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