Josie’s recycling poster
Josie’s recycling poster
Our Council recycling team
Our Council recycling team
More recycling opportunities in the library
Look out for other recycling opportunities

The Recycling group aims to improve awareness of recycling amongst local residents and identify ways of filling the gaps in the current recycling arrangements in our area, through working with our local authorities and other groups

Recycling tips

To find out what can be recycled in your kerbside collection, check out the advice from your local Council here:

Derbyshire Dales District Council

High Peak Borough Council

As for those items not included in your kerbside collection, we have a few suggestions:

Transition Buxton have organised Terracycle collection boxes at Morrison’s and Sainsbury’s in Buxton. Check them out next time you are there to see the wide range of ‘difficult to recycle’ items that they will accept.

Further tips below – 

Waterswallows Household Waste Recycling Centre near Buxton will accept the items of waste (shown in this poster).

Do you have other items to be recycled? Try this website to search by item for a recycling option near your postcode – Recycle Now.

Eighty per cent of UK households are “still unclear” about how to recycle effectively – and who can blame us? If you want to stop “wishcycling” and get wise, read more in this Guardian article .

If you know of any other recycling options, please let us know by emailing
Talking rubbish with Tideswell Cubs
Talking rubbish with Tideswell Cubs