Cycling to rail stations for work and for leisure. Can we make it easier?
Start them young! Cycling is great for families.
Cycling in our local countryside. Where can we go? What are the best routes?

Our aim is to support and promote cycling in our local area. 

We know cycling is one of the most sustainable forms of transport. Cycling is better for the environment in terms of air quality, noise, resource use and our carbon footprint. But cycling should also be fun, inspiring and accessible to everyone. So how can we best share our love of cycling, expertise and support in our local area?

 Things we are doing already

  • Collaborating with Peak Tri to offer a monthly bicycle maintenance club, 1st Saturday of the month, 3-5pm, at Peak Tri (Unit 7b, Meverill Rd)
  • Providing a cycling ‘pit stop’ at Tideswell Co-op, with bicycle maintenance tools available for use by anyone in need

  • Planning family bike rides for launch in Spring 2024
  • Developing a set of recommended routes based around Tideswell, to make available to the public from Spring 2024
  • Developing connections with other related groups in the wider area, Derbyshire County Council, and national organisations such as Cycling UK
  • Working to agree where we can install village bike racks in Tideswell and Litton
  • Exploring opportunities to work with 1st Tideswell Scouts

Community cycling survey

In June 2022, when we first established the TDEG Cycling Project, we circulated an online survey to hear your views on what we should prioritise, to help support and promote cycling locally. We are using survey responses to plan our project activities.

We received 46 responses in total. A survey report can be found here. In summary, we found out the following:

  • Engaging with local schools, and advocacy work to voice local concerns/campaign for action, were the top two activities respondents felt would benefit the community most (both equally popular, being requested by 44% of respondents)
  • Promoting local cycling initiatives, organising confidence-boosting sessions, and offering local repair services were the other most popular initiatives
  • Local concerns focused especially on safety, including at the Anchor junction, and respondents wanted us to help share information about safe routes and success stories, and look at the possibility of installing more bike racks in prominent village locations
  • The vast majority of respondents only used their bikes for recreational purposes; the requested developments would help people to feel more able to consider using their bikes for transport
  • The most effective methods for keeping in touch with you are the TDEG website and associated emails, Facebook, and the Village Voice

Are you interested?

  • Sign up to our local network of cycling enthusiasts/experts, to support others in gaining cycling confidence – join TDEG and select to receive Cycling updates here
  • Find us at our next Bicycle Maintenance Club
  • Email to tell us your cycling ideas or concerns, to help shape our project’s development and represent our community effectively
  • Ask us about bike exchange possibilities – if you have a bike/cycling accessories you no longer need, or you are looking for something, we can help
  • Join the Tideswell and District Environment Group Facebook group for information about other cycling initiatives, events and opportunities, or to contribute to community discussions about cycling/broader TDEG activities
Can we increase confidence around cycle repairs?
Cycling into town - is the right infrastructure present?
Cycling is sustainable and good for your health and your pocket.

TDEG Cycling Launch

Following Hope Valley’s Cycling for All rally on 1 October, on Saturday 8 October we are continuing to celebrate cycling by launching our new cycling project properly.

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