Climate Action Group meeting – 28 March 2023

1 – In attendance:

Sheelagh, Mandy, Gus, Carrie, Simon W, Bill, Judith, Simon D, Julia (note taker)

2 – Apologies:

Sue, Deborah, Andrea, Sam

3 – Sheelagh presented a summary of where the CAG has got to after 3 years.
  • Networking – Established many good working links with lots of organisations across the area including: Peak District National Park; Transition Buxton; Derbyshire Climate Coalition; Hope Valley Climate Action, Wider Retrofit; Derbyshire Dales Climate Hub.


  • Warmer Homes – Working with Friends of the Earth, United for Warm Homes. Launched the project for the region at Tideswell.
  1. Began with addressing immediate needs over this winter and got Warm Spaces initiative going under that.
  2. Lobbying for changes in Energy policies to underpin wider change.
  3. We are part of the Action Network, we can trigger letters to Councillors and MPs, petitions and more using the templates provided by FoE. How might we make more of our links with this group?
  4. The Warm Spaces initiative was welcomed but more for people to have social contact than for keeping warm. It is likely to continue as an initiative but under a different guise and not an environmental project. Some local businesses have expressed interest in taking this further.
  5. We have distributed leaflets on Warmer Homes across the locality.
  6. Sheelagh gave a talk at a national FoE event because they rated our launch as “outstanding” as had 5 Councils represented and people from across the region.


  • Home Energy –
  1. We have arranged visits to retrofitted homes for people to find out more about what can be done and the experience of doing it. 
  2. We have compiled a list of local providers (not recommendations). 
  3. We are supporting a grants initiative for retrofitting for people locally, which Bill is working on through fuel poverty initiatives via DDDC. 
  4. Wider Retrofit Group: meets regularly to explore ways to bring advice to local communities, including with DCC, to meet rural needs. 
  5. We have links with DDDC staff on Climate Action.


  • Youth Voice – Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum was set up with other organisations locally.
  1. They have been supported by skilled adults and had bespoke training from Hope for the Future about engaging with MPs and understanding process of how Parliament works and what MPs can and can’t do.
  2.  CPYF chose to tackle Energy, Education and Farming in local area. To increase understanding they visited a local farmer working on biodiversity and running a viable business.
  3. They had a very good meeting with Robert Largan MP (High Peak), who received their questions and challenges. Not had a reply from Sarah Dines MP (Derbyshire Dales).
  4. They spoke at a national FoE conference focused on Green Jobs. 
  5. We now have a relationship with Litton and Tideswell schools. Climate and environment sessions delivered recently, pupils designed own projects and presented bids to access some funds. Work with pupils in both schools is now underway. Andrea is co-ordinating.


  • MP relationship building – After training with Hope for the Future, have written to Sarah Dines MP and met with her. Had four Ministerial Questions answered. Just had a response to lobbying letters on energy asking for long term policies; training for assessors, installers etc for retrofit.


  • Hope Valley Renewables (Not for profit community interest business) – Looking to bring renewable energy to every community in the area. Sheelagh has joined that group.


4 – Future of CAG

Sheelagh is now stepping down as lead and CAG is looking for a new lead, ready for the next round of input.


5 – Items for discussion:
  • Home Energy leaflets to inform people about what they can do to reduce energy costs—we ordered a supply for the area and TDEG has paid for the Tideswell ones. We had 5,000 leaflets. 1,050 delivered to Tideswell. TDEG owed £63 for Tideswell. We have 800 spare. They can be distributed as next winter approaches.
  • Funding: TDEG is £50 out of pocket. Simon mentioned that we can get this repaid from the Warm Spaces funds—apply to Peter Grimshaw to arrange for repayment. National funding is being made available for people wanting to improve the energy efficiency of their homes. Councils trying to coordinate action and put together teams for advising people.


6 – Other topics for discussion:
  • Flir Heat camera—we have been loaned an infrared camera for 4 weeks by Whaley Bridge CAG to be able to see where heat is escaping inside and outside properties. Sheelagh will try it out with 5 interested parties in the village.
  • Simon wants to explore locations for siting of renewables in Tideswell. Will undertake a survey and report back.


  1. Sheelagh and Carrie to contact Peter Grimshaw at St John’s to get Warm Spaces leaflet payments refunded.
  2. Sheelagh to speak with local businesses further about their setting up Warm Welcome venues independently.

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