Wildlife Sightings

Tell us what you’ve seen

If you’ve been lucky enough to spot something interesting, whether it is in one of our local nature reserves or in your back garden, your sightings help us build valuable records and encourage others to enjoy nature. So please record your sightings, along with a photo if possible, below.

Every couple of months or so, we will summarise your sightings in a wildlife blog (we will also continue to include your photos from our Facebook page or sent in by email as well). We will also share your most recent sightings below so that other people can enjoy the wildlife around Tideswell and the local area. Please just submit sightings from the local area (maybe around five miles from Tideswell).

Please note that if you see anything particularly rare or vulnerable, it is very helpful to know the location. But we will not share the site details of such sightings – only a general location. If you have any photos, please upload them here as well, as we would like to use those to illustrate our regular blog. We will credit you in any photos used.

It’s easy to do, just fill out the form below.