Tidza Buying For Good Club

The Tidza Buying for Good Club will help us to access produce and products that are good for us and that have as little negative effect on the planet as possible. 

The project has started with a focus on food, sourcing from Lembas Ltd in Sheffield; “an employee owned, vegetarian and vegan whole foods wholesaler”.

Lembas Ltd also have a range of non-food items, such as cleaning and personal care products. 

We are working with our local traders, to share information and to support them in their efforts to source and sell more sustainably. Also they can use the Buying for Good Club to purchase supplies themselves. 

For a small annual membership fee, we can make sure we get free deliveries to Tideswell. We have also created a WhatsApp group to share items and information. 

Our aim is to help local people to access a wider range of sustainable goods and to do so affordably. We will be researching different ways of making these available, including partnering with other local networks and arranging local events (when it is safe to do so, of course).

For more information about joining the club, please email: bfgclub@tdeg.org.uk .

To find out why it is important that we make thoughtful buying decisions, take a look here .