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Thermal camera to detect heat loss
Home insulation could save £s!
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Here we share ideas about improving your home energy.

What is TDEG’s Climate Action Group doing?

Currently we are exploring the value of using a thermal imaging camera to help the community save energy, save money and save carbon.

We have developed a list of information sources about renewable energy and local suppliers. This is available here. Or you can also check out the new Government approved TrustMark list of installers (more information here).

Energy-saving advice is available from a range of organisations. A free Home Energy Check can be obtained through the Buxton Transition Group. Information about grants for households can be obtained from the Energy Saving Trust or from this government-endorsed web site Simple Energy Advice .

The Government has just launched a new TrustMark App, to provide advice to homeowners about retrofitting and a list of endorsed installers. More information here.

What links can you follow

You may be able to obtain grants or even free insulation provided for certain homes. For example Connected for Warmth (Cadent) are offering free loft and cavity wall insulation, for houses in council tax bands A – D (more info here), and grants are available for air source heat pumps (more info here).


Checking your Energy Use

There are various energy cost calculator tools available to help you find out how much different domestic appliances cost to run. GoCompare is such a tool and you can use it to pick the appliances you want to compare and select how long they’ll be in use for.

Try it here – GoCompare

Carbon Footprint Calculator

Calculate your own carbon footprint using the WWF Carbon Footprint Calculator. This also helps you to make choices and take action to reduce your own environmental impact. 

To minimise your energy use and your environmental impact, base your energy-saving decisions on the energy hierarchy, shown in the image below.