Peak District Cloth Nappy Library

We are delighted to support the Peak District Cloth Nappy Library. 

This is a local service designed to support parents and carers in using reusable ‘cloth’ nappies.

Why a Nappy Library?

  • Cloth nappies have moved on significantly since the days of terry towels, safety pins and soaking in buckets. They now come in a variety of different types or ‘systems’, so you can choose the type of nappy that best works for your family.
  • A recent DEFRA study showed that reusable nappies produce 25% CO2 compared to their disposable equivalent.
  • Switching to reusable nappies can save families up to £1000 per child.

What does a Nappy Library do?

  • Our Nappy Library is based on a national model run by the UK Nappy Network.
  • We provide ‘hire kits’ which include a variety of nappies, as well as reusable wipes and other accessories to support with using reusables.
  • We provide support and guidance to cloth nappy users (you don’t have to hire a kit from us to access this).
  • We also have a network of volunteers with experience using different types of nappy that are able to help with any questions you may have.
A Birth to Potty Kit

What’s in a kit?

We have three types of kit that are available to hire via the nappy library – all kits come with a full demonstration when you collect them!

Newborn Kit: 
  • This is kit is specifically designed for those first few months after baby is born – when baby is small and nappy changes are much more frequent! These kits contain enough nappies for the frequent newborn changes but just a few types of nappy so you don’t get too overwhelmed. We arrange for the hire to start about a month before baby’s due date so you have a chance to familiarise yourself with the nappies before baby arrives. 

  • This kit is free to hire for 12 weeks from due date. We ask for a £20 deposit when hiring this kit. 

Birth to Potty Kit:
  • This kit is designed to ‘try before you buy’ – it contains a selection of different nappy types and current brands, so that you can see what type might work for you and your baby before investing in your own stash of nappies. All these nappies are ‘Birth to Potty’ size – this means they will fit from around 10 weeks to potty training. 
  • This kit costs £20 for a 4 week hire period. We ask for a £40 deposit when hiring this kit.
Long Term Community Hire Kit: 
  • This kit is for anyone not wanting to invest in buying nappies but who still wants to use cloth nappies on their baby. These kits are made up of nappies that have been donated to the library so they may not be the most recent styles or brands, but are all fully functioning nappies. We can make this kit bespoke to whatever you may need from the donated stock that we have.
  • These kits are free to hire for as long as you need them. We ask for a £10 deposit when hiring these kits.

How do I hire a kit?


Where can you find us?

  • You can find the Nappy Library at the monthly Tideswell Repair Café – we always have a selection of nappies on display there and we can show you how they work.
  • If you are hiring a kit, then we can either arrange for you to pick this up at the Repair Café or you can collect from one of our volunteers. If you have limited mobility, then we can arrange kit drop-off at home or in a venue like a library or café close to your home.
  • We sometimes organise events and meet-ups across the Peak District – keep an eye on our Facebook page for dates and events.
  • If you run a parenting class or baby group and would be keen to host a cloth nappy event or class, then we are very happy to arrange this – just drop us an email.
Come and talk to us at the Tideswell Repair Cafe

Keen to volunteer or have nappies to donate?

  • If you would like to volunteer with the nappy library (no nappy experience necessary, we can provide full training!) then please do get in touch.
  • We can take donations of nappies for the library. We either add donations to our kits or sell nappies to raise funds to keep the library going.


Contact us with any questions or for more information by email at peakdistrictclothnappy
Our Nappy Library at Ashbourne's `Go Green` event
Specialised swim nappies are available
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