Queen’s Jubilee Tree Planting

Her Majesty The Queen and Prince Charles launch the Queen's Green Canopy Project with local school children at the Balmoral Estate (photo credit - Queen's Green Canopy)

Tideswell & District Environment Group are joining The Queen’s Green Canopy  tree planting project –  created to mark Her Majesty’s Platinum Jubilee in 2022 and inviting people from across the United Kingdom to “Plant a Tree for the Jubilee”.

We started out intending to plant 400 trees or hedgerow shrubs – one for every young person under 16 years old in our area. With the help of our partners, we have already exceeded that total.

After the launch of the project in March 2022, we would like to identify more sites for further tree planting in the autumn. We hope that local groups, landowners, local councils and businesses, will support our aims. 

What Are Our Aims?

TDEG and its partners hope to involve everyone in this project. Trees can be planted in private gardens or agricultural fields, in school and church grounds, or in other green spaces in Tideswell and our surrounding villages (such as  Litton, Wheston, Cressbrook, and Millers Dale). 

The aims of our project are:

  • To engage all generations, young and old, in establishing new trees, hedges and copses to celebrate the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee.
  • To create diverse habitats and corridors where wildlife can flourish.
  • To contribute to climate action through carbon sequestration, through the growth of new trees and shrubs.
  • To create beautiful green spaces where people can socialise and enjoy our local landscape, thereby improving health and well-being. 
Our project already has the support of these local groups. Why don't you join us?
The beautiful woodland and scrub in our limestone dales - a habitat for wildlife and for public enjoyment
The splendour of a Blackthorn hedge in blossom in spring

Our Special Planting Day on 20 March

We were delighted to be offered free trees and shrubs by the Peak District National Park Authority, to launch our project this spring.  On our special planting day, around 600 trees and hedgerow plants were distributed for planting in private gardens, local fields, and school and church grounds. We estimate that around 100 people were involved, including our local Scouts, school children and our own Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum. Trees, copses and hedgerows were established in Tideswell, Litton, Wheston, Wormhill and elsewhere.

Well done to everyone involved!

We are busy collecting photos of the big day, and we are sharing these on a special web page as they become available. Click on the button for more information and photos from our special day. 

Here are just a few photos from the big day…..

Planting behind Litton School
New planting on Occupation Lane in Tideswell
Planting on the Cliffe, Tideswell

Let’s  Celebrate Our Jubilee Trees

TDEG will record all the locations of our Jubilee tree planting. Where we have landowners’ permission to share locations, we are hoping to produce a community map of all the approximate sites of our recent tree planting. 

We hope you will also share with us photos of your newly planted trees – both this year and in future years as your trees and hedges become established. Please send your photos to info@tdeg.org.uk .

At a future date we may also try to create some sort of “Jubilee trail” to highlight sites which are accessible to the public (not private gardens or other private land of course). We are also investigating the possibility of a Jubilee plaque or badge for new sites. Watch this space for more details!

How do I plan, plant and protect trees?

In order to successfully plant trees and help them to establish and grow to maturity, you will need to think carefully about where to plant your trees. In private gardens, please be considerate to your neighbours. Even small mature trees can cast shade or drop leaves into a neighbouring garden – so avoid planting too close to shared boundaries. If you have livestock, you will need to protect the new plants from grazing. If you would like more detailed advice about where to plant your trees or hedgerow shrubs, please contact us at info@tdeg.org.uk .

You will also need to consider how to plant your trees and the after care needed to protect your trees. If you need assistance with your tree planting, please contact us as we may be able to provide support through the 1st Tideswell Scouts and our Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum.

The Woodland Trust, one of the national partners in the Queen’s Green Canopy project,  provides some excellent advice on all these aspects of tree planting, and we ask that you read their guidance here ……..

If you would like to help deliver this exciting project, please contact us at – info@tdeg.org.uk  

Small woods can be carpeted with wild flowers in the spring, like these Bluebells and Water Avens in Monksdale
A diverse wooded habitat will attract many different birds, such as this Great Spotted Woodpecker
We sometimes see Hedgehogs in our gardens, but they also like hedges - to use as safe corridors on their travels