About TDEG

Tideswell & District Environment Group (TDEG) came together in June 2019 and we have already generated lots of interest – with over 140 local people on our mailing list. We are a friendly, informal group, without membership subscriptions. If you would like to know more about our group and join our mailing list, please register your interest via the Join Us page.

In order to secure grant funding and ensure all our finances and decision-making are clear, we do have a formal constitution and honorary officers. You can read our constitution here. Our honorary officers are elected annually at our Annual General Meeting. All our signed-up members are notified about our honorary officers after each AGM. If you wish to contact any of our honorary officers, please email us at: info@tdeg.org.uk .

As well as our general meetings, which are held every three months, we also have a small committee to co-ordinate our activities and support our project groups. If you are interested in joining the committee, please contact us at info@tdeg.org.uk.

We also have a group Facebook page which you are welcome to join, where we share information about environmental issues, problems and solutions, as well as promoting our activities.

Join Us

We are a friendly, informal group, without membership subscriptions (we do ask for a small donation of around £2 at our general meetings, in order to cover the expenses of speakers and hiring the hall).

If you would like to receive our regular updates (newsletters) about our activities and information about our meetings and other events, you can join our mailing list here. Once you have registered your interest, you will receive regular emails about our work, events and meetings.  You can also join any of our project groups to receive more information about their activities and to help us protect and improve our local environment.

Contact Us

For all general inquiries, and the contact details of our project groups, please email us – info@tdeg.org.uk.