TDEG Steering Group Minutes – 22 July 2020

Present:  Lynn, Rob, Sheelagh, Alice, Suzanne, Bill, Steve, Jules, Claire, Josie. Apologies– Andrea Matters Arising from 4 March 2020:  none, all action points have been actioned. Committee Reports Chair’s report:  The AGM was successful, Ruth Strange’s presentation went well and all the info is now on the web site.   Lynn is interested to know […]

TDEG Steering Group Minutes – 4 March 2020

TDEG Steering Group Minutes – 4 March 2020Present: Lynn, Rob, Andrea, Sheelagh, Alice, Suzanne, Bill, Steve, Jules  Apologies: Claire, Josie, Richard, Sue, Leonie 1. Matters arising – all actions from the Steering Group 11-12-2020 have been undertaken. 2. Officer reports Chair’s report: We hope to clearly structure the meeting through a fuller agenda; each agenda […]

TDEG Steering group

TDEG Steering group (SG) notes 11.12.19 – Mid-term review 1. Attended: Andrea, Bill, Lynn, Richard, Rob, Sheelagh, Steve, Suzanne  Apologies: Claire, Judy, Jules, Leonie, Sara, Sue. 2. Introductions: We welcomed Sheelagh to the group (and to Tideswell). During introductions Sheelagh outlined her experience with fracking and her grant successes such as with Lush. 3. Chair’s […]

Inaugural steering group meeting

Inaugural steering group meeting Tuesday 3rd July 2019 ~ The Star Attended: Lynn, Jules, Andrea, Rob, Glenn, Sara, Bill, Richard, Josephine  Apologies: Claire  Copied to project leads not in attendance: Steve, Ben  1) Response to first meeting 19.6.19  There was an extremely positive response to the first meeting with 30 attendees. Subsequent interest has continued […]