TDEG Update September 2019

At the whole T&DEG meeting on the 25th September Faith Johnson, director of the Environmental Quality Mark, kindly agreed to speak about the EQM then about climate change.

Environmental Quality Mark

Businesses can apply for the Environmental Quality Mark to make their environmental credentials clear to customers thereby giving them a marketing edge with environmental benefits, social benefits and in turn facilitate conservation of the Peak District. Faith explained that this will in particularly attract the growing section of communities who care about consuming ethically.

7 Steps to Save the World

Faith continued by presenting facts and figures about climate change which was a perfect introduction to our newly formed group.

Then she presented 7 steps for us to follow to make a difference

  1. Say it how it is (& keep saying it!) ~ This requires learning key facts & figures about climate change and

    expressing them in a non-emotive way, REPEATEDLY.

  2. Insist on more from our Media ~ They are essential to spreading the message about climate change.

  3. Get our head round the global dynamic. ~ Carbon needs to stay in the ground, the continued burning of fossil

    fuels will continue to add to our carbon dioxide levels with a dramatic rise on the impact on our climate and


  4. Demand leadership on the climate crisis from politicians ~ Email them, write to them, visit them at surgery and

    EXPLAIN the science to them.

  5. Create new futures that work for all of us. ~ People need to be inspired with hope that if we make the

    necessary changes life will be cleaner, quieter, more efficient, happier, brighter. Fear of an overwhelming job

    paralyses people into no action.

  6. Divest We all have money (or debt) in bank accounts. Are our banks using this money to dig carbon out of the

    ground? YES probably. ASK THEM. Take your money away and invest it with a bank that isn’t e.g. Co-op,


  7. Remember Ghandi ~ “Be the change you want to see” Lead by example….

Thanks to Faith, for a comprehensive overview of the climate crisis and positive actions that we can all make.

After Faith’s talk, all our project groups met. Below is a brief summary of their meetings or actions. Please contact the project lead if you would like to be involved further.

Wildlife Group

Following the Wildlife Survey report the Wildlife Group’s next actions are to encourage people to consider getting swift boxes for around the village. This will be launched following the talk by John Ellicock from the Hathersage Swift Group at the next whole T&DEG meeting on Wednesday 27th November at Fountain Square Church 7-9pm. Public buildings around Tideswell and Litton may also be considered for swift boxes.

In addition, other areas being considered and discussed by the group are the Bishop Pursglove School Pond, hedgehog crossings and encouraging hares. The Wildlife group have also been invited to speak to Tideswell cubs. Project Lead: Lynn Crowe

Business Group

Faith Johnson advised a member of the group who owns holiday cottages regarding greening their business linking to the Environmental Quality Mark. Bill has made enquiries about grants for local businesses to access energy audits

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and investment in energy saving technologies to reduce their energy costs and carbon footprint. In addition, T&DEG has been included with 9 other Derbyshire community groups in an application to the lottery to access funding to deliver net zero carbon plans for the future.
Project Lead: Bill Purvis

Recycling Group

Members of the Recycling Group were involved in recycling the finds from the recent litter pick including their new category for recycling ~ crisp packets. Other actions include presenting a session with Tideswell cubs so they can create a poster around the village to show where items can be recycled in Tideswell. The posters might also be offered for inclusion in the welcome pack to new inhabitants. Rob will attend the Wakes AGM this week to share recycling ideas for their agenda. Also look out for Rob’s Recycling Revelations on T&DEG Facebook page and in the Did You Know? section of the Village Voice.

Project Lead: Rob Mitson

Litter Picking

On the first litter pick date, despite an ongoing deluge of rain, litter picking was carried out by an impressive posse of pickers.
The next litter picking date is Sunday 13th October meeting at 2pm in the Pot Market, Tideswell.
In addition, the parish council have been contacted about whether the bins through the village could include a section for recycling.

Project Lead: Steve Elliott

Ethical Consumer Group
The Ethical Consumer Group will be meeting on Wednesday 9th October at Fountain Square Church from 8pm to focus on the ethical purchasing of clothes supported by a recent article in Ethical Consumer magazine.
Project Lead: Ben Twelves

A summary of dates for your diary:

  •   The Ethical Consumer Group is meeting tomorrow Wednesday 9th October at Fountain Square Church from 8pm

  •   The next litter pick is this Sunday 13th October meeting at 2pm in the Pot Market, Tideswell

  •   The next whole T&DEG meeting is Wednesday 27th November at Fountain Square Church 7-9pm starting with a

    talk about swifts followed by project group meetings.

    T&DEG Facebook page

    Thanks to Lynn Crowe, we now have a community Facebook page. Please do join by simply searching for the group to then follow and post.

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