TDEG Committee meeting Wednesday 18th May 2022

7.30pm Wednesday 18 May 2022 

Community Hall, Tideswell 

Present: Lynn, Jules, Deborah, Andrea, Rob 

Apologies: Sheelagh, Sue, Laura and Adam, Suzanne, Helen, Laura B 

Chair: Lynn 

Notes of last meeting (16.2.22): approved 

Actions arising: 

a Lynn to ask Pete H and Peter L re help for printer: done 

b Jules to approach library re keeping back copies of Ethical Consumer Magazine: carry forward 

c Lynn to make notes re Chair and Communications Officer roles: done 

d Accounts circulated: done – see further discussion under Update from Treasurer 

e Sheelagh and Sue liaising re CPYF safeguarding role: carry forward 

f Jules liaising re used stamp collecting: there is a box in the church 

g Lynn will contact Suzanne and Steve re staying on committee: Suzanne has agreed to stay 

h Laura B to confirm litter picking date: done 

i Rob to liaise with Laura B over recycling and litter picking links: done 

j Lynn to add litter picking to Joiners’ page on website: done 

k Beavers Group: As a result of Suzanne’s talk, they have bought a toy beaver, which is ‘adopted’ by a different Beaver each week, who is able to take it home for that time.  Further suggestion for talk: bike maintenance.  Lynn will suggest this to Helen, and then contact Josh and Paul H. 

l Feedback to Lynn re draft Queens’s Jubilee Tree Planting page: done 

m Sheelagh to check with FoE re insurance for QJTP day, and work with Lynn on risk assessment: done 

n Lynn has spoken to Claire’s husband, John, about proposals for a memorial to Claire.  John will be happy with whatever we decide.  Suggestion to plant a tree for Claire somewhere visible, eg in the Community Park, if the Park will give us permission. 

o Sheelagh to produce and Lynn to print a poster for whole group meeting on 2 March: done 

p All to consider proposals for AGM and share with Committee: done 

Updates from Honorary Officers: 

Chair: Sue has been proposed as the next chair.  She has asked for support from vice chairs.  An informal group was proposed.  Andrea is happy to be part of this, but will be away for some of the  time.  She will ask Sheelagh if she would like to be included in the group.  Rob will ask Bill if he would like to be part of it, as well. 

Communications Officer: Lynn is happy to stand in this role. 

Lynn needs feedback on the draft Annual Report by Monday 30 May at the latest. 

Secretary: there are currently 144 members signed up to TDEG.  No correspondence issues to report. 

Treasurer: the accounts in their final form will be included in the Annual Report.  There are currently three different unrestricted budgets, and it was agreed that these could now be consolidated into one fund. 

Lynn has contacted Tideswell Parish Council re the £60 left from the birdfeeder grant, plus one remaining unclaimed feeder.  Lynn suggested offering the feeder to the school, and has asked the Parish Council if the remaining money can be transferred to our unrestricted fund (awaiting reply). Lynn said there may be other project budgets which have unallocated money, and perhaps this could be transferred to the unrestricted fund, if it is not needed by the project. 

Updates from Project Groups: 

Repair Cafe:  

Funds come from the Community Association (£400), Tideswell Parish Council (£500), DDDC Local Projects Fund (£400), and Derbyshire Dales Council (£800). 

Insurance Quotes: the cheapest was from Ansvar (broker: Access), quoting £195 for TDEG as a whole, including the Repair Cafe as one part of that.  This would provide trustees indemnity cover and personal injury, which the existing FoE policy does not.  (The FoE policy is not paid for, so it is possible to take out separate insurance cover.)  It was agreed to go ahead with this policy, splitting the costs between TDEG (unrestricted funds) one third, and the Repair Cafe two thirds. 

The test run last Saturday went very well.  It is anticipated that the launch this coming Saturday will be busy.  The various  funders have been invited to attend. 

Baslow Repair Cafe is now also going to be operating on the third Saturday of every month, and Hathersage Parish Church has recently set one up for the first Saturday of the month. 

Cycling group:  

A few people have already joined.  Helen will meet with Lynn at the beginning of June to learn about management of mailing list etc. 

Queen’s Jubilee Tree Planting: 

Lynn will arrange another Task Team meeting. 

Three landowners have contacted Lynn, asking if there are any more free trees.  We hope to be planting more trees in the autumn.  Tideswell Parish Council would like us to plant trees in the Cemetery.  We would like to plant in the Community Park, but there are concerns from the Park Development Group about maintenance.  There is a reluctance to commit to planting, because of the possibility of needing land for sports activities in the future.  We have suggested that we continue hedging from the existing hedge, going down Recreation Road to Abigail’s Playground.  Lynn has spoken to Rob, Engagement Ranger, to ask if he could organise a hedge laying activity with CPYF or other volunteers, to lay the existing part of the hedge. If it was possible to plant in the Community Park, we would like to get children from Bishop Pursglove School involved.  The school is keen to promote the project, but it is not able to have any trees planted on school land. 

Other project updates: 

Recycling: Rob wants to change the wording on the website.  He will send the new wording to Lynn to put on the website. 


This will be on 15 June at 7.30pm at Fountain Square Church.  Lynn will contact the speaker, Professor Ian Rotherham, to confirm his talk about changes in the White Peak landscape over the last 70 years.    Anyone who can help with setting up the meeting to arrive at 7pm.  Jules will bring the TDEG display and leaflets from the Community Hall to FSC.  Laura will take donations at a table.   

Next whole group meeting: 

This is provisionally set as Wednesday 12 October.  Jules will contact someone from the Restart Project to speak about Repair Cafes.   

Next Committee Meeting: 

Provisionally Wednesday 21 September. 


The Derbyshire Minerals Plan consultation ended at the end of April. Sheelagh’s input was sought by several local groups given her experience with Notts Mineral Plan. 


a (carried forward) Jules to approach local library re keeping back copies of the Ethical Consumer Magazine 

b (carried forward) Sheelagh and Sue to liaise re safeguarding role for CPYF 

c Lynn to suggest to Helen a bike maintenance talk to the Beavers.  If she agrees, Lynn will contact Josh and Paul H. 

d Lynn to approach the Community Park in the autumn re planting a tree for Claire. 

e Andrea to ask Sheelagh, and Rob to ask Bill, if they would like to be part of a vice chair support group for Sue, as the incoming chair. 

f All: feedback on Annual Report to Lynn by Monday 30th May at the latest. 

g Laura to consolidate the three unrestricted funds into one. 

h Jules/Laura to proceed with Ansvar insurance for TDEG including the Repair Cafe 

i Helen to meet with Lynn re cycling group admin 

j Lynn to call another Task Team meeting for the tree planting project, in the next few months. 

k Rob to send Lynn new recycling group wording to be put on the website. 

l Lynn to contact Professor Ian Rotherham re his talk/arrangements at the AGM 

m All: anyone who can assist with setting up FSC for the AGM to be there for 7pm  

n Jules to bring the TDEG display and information from the Community Hall to FSC for the AGM 

o Laura to arrange for donations to be made at the AGM 

p Jules to contact Restart Project re a speaker for the meeting in October 

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