TDEG Wildlife Group Meeting – 11 May 2022

We covered items on tree planting, working with Tideswell & District Sports Association, a new Owl-Kestrel Connect Project, and proposals for a Summer Events Programme.



Lynn, Esther, Nicky, Carl, Sue, Adam, David, Lisa, Kath, Deborah

Apologies: Sheelagh, Laura 



This is a whole TDEG project, involving a range of different partners. The project was launched on 20th March, with the planting of 600 trees, aided and supported by the Peak District National Park Authority, the 1st Tideswell Scouts, Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum, Tideswell Parish Council, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, Litton School, and Sladen Consulting (a company in Hathersage).  Forty local families planted trees, and there were also some bigger schemes. Photos from the day can be seen here – .

We hope to plant more trees in the autumn, particularly focussing on bigger projects, such as in the Community Park, and hoping that Bishop Pursglove School might become involved.  David, who is a member of the Tideswell & District Sports Association’s Park Development Group, explained that a balance is needed at the park between community leisure needs, and environmental needs.  It would helpf if volunteers could be found to both plant and maintain the trees or hedges.  It was felt that it would be ideal if hedging could be planted, and Lynn will ask the Ranger in the Peak District National Park Authority if he could assist, for example by using it as an opportunity to teach young people about hedge laying skills.  There was also a suggestion that Young Farmers might be able to help.

Another possible site for tree planting would be the Tideswell Cemetery, and Lynn will get advice on this, and then talk to the Parish Council about our ideas.

We hope that more private landowners might wish to plant bigger schemes.



The TDSA have been positive about the suggestions TDEG Wildlife Group has made to increase biodiversity and develop the area for wildlife.  David again said that an issue for the Park Development Group is the need for maintenance, and how this could be funded. Having dogs in the Park is a controversial issue. There is a Picnic in the Park on 3rd June, and this could be an opportunity to help with activities (such as a ‘guided walk’ around the nature trail) – but we would need volunteers to lead this.

Action at (3) above refers to future hedge planting.


Adam and Laura, and Esther are monitoring Tideswell Dale transects on a bi-weekly rotation.  They follow a set route, divided into ten sections, and the numbers of butterflies are sent into the East Midlands Butterfly Conservation Trust group.  Nicky expressed interest in joining the monitoring team, and will liaise with Esther to learn more about it.



This project is being run by Lester Hartmann (who makes bird boxes, and is based at Hope Valley Garden Centre) and Mark Cocker (Buxton author of ‘Our Place’).  The aim is to provide a corridor of owl and kestrel boxes between Hathersage and Buxton, via Bradwell and Tideswell, replicating a similar and successful project in Gloucestershire.  The hope is that this will engage landowners and farmers more generally in conservation.  Lynn, David, Adam and Laura are part of the planning group (on behalf of TDEG). David has agreed to be secretary of the group.

In order to apply for a Farming in Protected Landscapes (FiPL) grant from DEFRA, there needs to be a list of farmers and landowners who have signed up to it.  At the moment the focus is on promoting the project, and approaching local farmers and landowners, with the aim of getting 50 to commit to it.  Rosemary, a farmer in Taddington, is another member of the committee who has excellent contacts in the area.  A flyer is being written that can be given out.  It was agreed that face to face contact is likely to be far more successful than sending out information.

Help will be needed with monitoring, and David and Adam said that they would be happy to do this.  

Action – David and Lynn to keep the group informed of progress.


Suggestions made were:

  • Tideswell Rake walk, to see the orchids and mountain pansies.  Possible date: 1st June, early evening.
  • Bat walk – Adam to arrange – later in the summer for an evening walk.
  • Bug hunt – Tideswell Community Orchard. Hopefully again with Thomas Eccles on a weekend afternoon.
  • Foraging?  Could a Ranger help with this – eg the use of different plants.
  • Stream dipping with a Ranger
  • Butterfly walk in Tansley Dale – maybe contacting the butterfly surveyors in that dale for assistance.
  • Miller’s Dale walk to the quarry to see orchids – possibly last week in June?


Action – Lynn will email a draft programme to the group.


a. Swift boxes at the new Markovitz site: a request that they think about whether they could installnest  boxes.

b. The George new beer garden: a wish to express concern about using plastic grass.


Main contact can be by email. Lynn will email a date for another meeting in about three months’ time.


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