TDEG Annual General Meeting 28 June 2023

Our AGM was held on Wednesday, 28 June, 7.30pm, in Fountain Square Church. The short AGM was followed by a presentation from the Travelling Light project.

The AGM notes below do not contain full names. If any member would like a copy of the notes with full names, please contact us ( .


  1. Introduction and attendance – Sue (Chair) welcomed people to the AGM. Twelve people attended, with three apologies provided (Suzanne, Deborah and Andrea).
  2. Annual Report – Sue introduced the annual report which included the financial report. Sue thanked all those involved in producing and contributing to the report, especially Lynn, Helen, Sheelagh, Laura, Rob and Julia. Copies of the report have been emailed to all members and paper copies were made available at the AGM. 
  3. Committee Nominations – Sue invited nominations for posts on the committee:
  • Chair – Sue was nominated and accepted the post
  • Treasurer – Laura was nominated and accepted the post
  • Secretary – Deborah has decided to stand down. Sue thanked Deborah for providing excellent secretarial support for the group. The post remains vacant as nobody came forward to take on the role.


Sue concluded the meeting at 19:45 and introduced Marianne and Trish from Hope Valley Climate Action to talk about the ‘Travelling Light’ project.

Travelling Light  – Decarbonising Rural Travel

Marianne and Trish introduced their work for the Travelling Light project (hosted by Hope Valley Climate Action). 

The project is a national beacon project to co-create and pilot, sustainable and inclusive solutions that decarbonise rural travel in the Peak District National Park’s Hope Valley.

You can view their complete presentation here.

After their presentation, we discussed various challenges and issues related to decarbonising local transport.

Please do complete their community survey, to add to Travelling Light’s information about our travel choices in our local area. The survey can be completed here.

Follow their web site to contact Travelling Light’s team for further information or to catch up on their latest news and activities.

Challenges considered by Travelling Light

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