TDEG Annual General Meeting 2021 – Notes

Wednesday, 30 June 2021



Lynn, Alice, Claire, Sue, Sheelagh, Frances, Laura, Jules, Andrea, Rob, Kelda, Carina, Deborah, plus four members of the Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum.

The TDEG Annual Report, along with our annual accounts, can be read here.

1 – Welcome:

Lynn welcomed everyone to the second AGM of TDEG, and thanked Jules for providing the Zoom link.

2 – Apologies:

Adam, Suzanne, Steve, Neil, John, Margaret, David, Katherine.

3 – Presentation of Annual Report:

Lynn said it had been a challenging year for the group, because of Covid restrictions, but nevertheless a good year. There are now over 130 people on the mailing list, with 180 following on Facebook.  She thanked everyone on the committee for their work, and invited anyone else who wanted to join the committee (which is open to all) to email her if they were interested.  She also thanked the project group leaders, and said that several subgroups had started this year.  She listed highlights in the activities of each group (see Annual Report). 

Questions arising: none

Action – the Annual Report was accepted by everyone present, and Lynn will send copies to local Parish Councils in our area.

4 – Presentation of the financial accounts:

(see the accounts section at the back of the Annual Report). Rob said we have a small amount of money, which cover our basic running costs, e.g. hiring the Fountain Square hall for future meetings and speakers’ expenses.  Project groups have been finding ways of raising funds for their particular needs, including some generous grants from other organisations and specific subgroup members’ contributions.

Questions arising: none

Action – the annual accounts were accepted by everyone present.

5 – Nomination and election of new honorary officers:

Lynn and Claire were happy to continue in their roles as Chair and Communications Officer. This was agreed by all present.

Honorary Secretary – Alice was stepping down, and the Committee proposed Deborah as honorary secretary. This was agreed by all present.

Honorary Treasurer – Rob was stepping down (although remaining as project lead for the recycling group), and the Committee proposed Adam and Laura as a new `job-share` honorary treasurer. This was agreed by all present.

Thanks to outgoing officers: Lynn warmly thanked Alice (secretary) and Rob (treasurer) for their valued contributions over the previous year.

All signed-up members of TDEG receive the full names of our honorary officers by email. If you wish to contact any of the honorary officers, please email us at: . 

Closure of AGM

Date of next meeting of the whole group: Wednesday 22nd September 2021 – when we hope to have a presentation on plastic free communities (and maybe even meet in person).



This group has been formed during the past year, by young people not yet able to vote, but who want to have a voice in shaping the future.  (See presentation slides).  They are trying to spread the word through schools, and are also planning to contact local MPs and others in authority.  Help was offered by TDEG in the form of offering contacts, and practical help such as printing leaflets.  Suggestions were made such as contacting chairs of school governors and designated eco-coordinators in schools, as well as head teachers.  It was felt that in Big Green Week in September, prior to COP 26, there would be a lot of activity, which the Pathfinders might be able to take advantage of, and follow up at a local level.

Sheelagh led the meeting in considering changes that we as individuals have been able to make in trying to live more sustainably.  These included using local shops, having local milk in glass bottles, using Fairtrade coffee beans, not using plastic, not buying new clothes, using bars rather than bottles of washing items in the bathroom, eating sustainably produced chocolate, using a green energy provider, changing bank – and planning a “nothing new” wedding!

Lynn thanked the Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum for their excellent presentation and asked if this could be circulated along with our notes of the AGM. Lynn will contact the CPYF to arrange this. Lynn also thanked everyone else who had contributed to the meeting.

Meeting closed at 9pm

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