TDEG Climate Action Group Meeting Notes 28 April 2021


Date & time Wednesday, 28 April 2021 19.45 to 21.00 

Chair Sheelagh 

Minute taker Claire 

Attendees Sheelagh, Francis, Andrea, Rob, Claire, Sue, Matt Watson, Laura, Adam, Jules, Bill, Martin, Katherine & Tilly Sarah, Vaila, Taz, Zoe, Rowan, Emily, Hazel, Ben

Apologies Lynn 

Mins of last meeting Approved

Andrea thanked for communication on this. Minutes approved by Bill, seconded by Andrea.

Matters arising See below

Actions from last meeting

Bill: DDDC bid insulation/energy – See item 2

Claire: contact Roger Clarke – Not made contact because it appears that Roger already knows of our existence and has attended same meetings as some members of our group.

Sheelagh: Group links – See item 5; The Hare – done. If anyone interested in submitting anything, let Sheelagh know; HftF meeting 11 March; Steering group (energy/insulation #topic) – see item 5

Laura/Adam: Seed Swap, Food map launched – see Item 2

Andrea: CEE Bill hosted, follow ups – last whole group meeting – a big success. Lots of encouraging comments. People appreciated being able to listen to our councillors speak on climate change and ask questions.

Agenda item 2 Project updates:

1. Climate Pathfinders Forum: 6 guests, intro, aims, asks, Q/As Carina/Frances/Katherine. See attached CPYF presentation notes, minuted by Frances. Thank you, Frances, for these comprehensive notes.

2. Laura/Adam: seed swap, food map This project is doing well. Seed Swap – planned for 9th May in the Kitchen Garden Food map – up and running on the website People shared enthusiasm and thanks for the work of both Laura and Adam on the Sustainable Food project.

3. Bill: insulation/energy bid  Part of bid with DCC for insulation. Rejected. Written to department twice to ask why it was rejected. Difficult to see specifically why the grant failed. Bill is hopeful that this is just the start; there is a lot of money in this area – the housing agenda. Jules says insulation is the first thing we need to do before renewing energy sources in our homes. Need to lobby our MP.

Agenda item 3 Presentation     

Matt Watson: ‘Travel Demand Reduction and the University of Sheffield Sustainability Strategy’ followed by questions and discussion.

See Matt’s presentation, recorded in full by Andrea. Main focus on business flights and Sheffield University aiming to reduce emissions to net zero by 2038.

Concern was raised about student travel, which is far greater than the university’s business travel. Lots of discussion around reducing business travel, using online platforms instead of travelling to meetings by air. Sheffield University agrees to resort to ‘offsetting’ only once carbon emissions can be reduced no further.

Sheelagh thanked Matt for his very informative and interesting presentation.

Agenda item 4

Homes for the Future: Managing Relationships with your MP, Sarah Dines: focus is likely to be energy/insulation; provisional June date for meeting.

Following training, a steering group was formed. 3 meetings have happened already. Topic is energy and insulation in the rural context.

Tom Frogatt from HftF will organize a meeting with Sarah Dines, and someone from CAG can attend to ask questions. Date of meeting to follow.

A similar meeting with Robert Largan in the High Peak worked well.

Agenda item 5

Running CAG group: links/attendance other meetings/communications to circulate


Suggested items for next meeting Andrea suggested we focus on insulation, since this will be the topic of the HftF meeting with Sarah Dines.

It was agreed that Frances will talk about her personal experience of insulating her home, installing an air source heat pump, etc.

Minute-taker next meeting:

Date of next meeting 28 July 2021 (change from provisional date)

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