Queen’s Jubilee Special Tree Planting Day

Tree planting on the Cliffe, Tideswell, with the Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum
Our tree stall - with the Scouts' `tree of benefits` (Inside Out Photography)
Planting behind Litton School

Our special tree planting day on 20 March, to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, was a great success. Well done to everyone involved. We estimate we planted around 600 trees and hedgerow plants around Tideswell, Litton, Wheston and elsewhere, with 100 people involved (and at least half were young people).

Our thanks to all the groups involved – including the Peak District National Park Authority, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust, 1st Tideswell Scouts and our Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum. We could not have achieved it without you.

Occupation Lane , Tideswell
Behind Litton School, where local school children and Scouts helped plant trees (Inside Out Photography)

Over forty local groups and residents requested some of our free trees from the Peak District National Park Authority. At least a third of these were for larger sites, where people happen to own a few fields, or the large site behind Litton School. It was really exciting to hear how many people want to make their land `wilder` and improve it for wildlife. 

The remaining requests were from local people who wished to plant a native tree or two in their own gardens. By doing so, everyone will have contributed to action to reduce climate change, as well as enhancing their local communities. It was wonderful to see so many families involved.

If you would like to learn more about what you can do in your gardens or on any local land to improve it for wildlife, do join our TDEG ‘Going Wild‘ project for tips and advice. 

Tree planting on the Cliffe
Planting behind Litton School
A new hedgerow in Wheston

We’d like to celebrate your hard work and we’ve added our tree planting project to the national Queen’s Green Canopy web site. We’ve asked people to send us their photos of their newly planted tree and, with your permission, we are trying to share as many as possible here, and in other posts. We will keep adding new photos as they arrive – there are more below.

Lots of you planted trees with your children
Here are some in a field on the Lodge, Tideswell
These young people will be ones who see their trees grow -
and enjoy their benefits in the future.
All ages were involved
Trees planted in back gardens
And in open fields.
Planting for the future near Sherwood Road, Tideswell
Families working together
A new hedge on Manchester Rd, Tideswell
Climate Pathfinders Youth Forum after a busy day!
A well deserved rest.
Trees planted in a field near Little Hucklow
And two trees planted in the centre of Tideswell

The Queen’s Green Canopy

Our project is one of many across the UK. You can now see our ‘virtual plaque’ celebrating your achievements on the Queen’s Green Canopy web site , where they have a map recording all the projects undertaken so far this year. The Queen’s Green Canopy project have just announced that over a million Jubilee trees have been planted so far, and the Queen has provided the letter below to thank everyone involved.

Of course, the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee lasts all year, and therefore we hope to continue with our tree planting efforts at the beginning of the planting season this autumn.

If you can think of any likely sites, where local landowners would like to plant more trees or hedgerows – just let us know!

We are also looking at the possibility of developing a community map, to share and celebrate the approximate locations of all our Queen’s Jubilee trees.

Watch this space for more tree news!

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