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TDEG Steering Group Meeting


Steering group 22 July 2020 8pm (via Zoom) 


1. Apologies

2. Matters Arising (from our last meeting on 4 March 2020)

3. Committee Reports –

a. Chair’s report (AGM success and web site updates)

b. Secretary’s report (new members, external contacts, etc.)

c. Treasurer’s report (current funding issues & financial position)

4. Project Group Reports – (any items which need discussion or decisions by the SG?)

a. Litter picking group

b. Ethical Consumer group

c. Recycling group

d. Climate Action group (including XR talk )

e. Wildlife group

f. TPC/TDEG working group (including car exhaust emissions in the Pot Market)

5. Dates of next TDEG general meetings (and speakers)

6. Communications/updates scheduling (Claire)

7. Mailchimp and mailing lists (Alice)

8. Any other business

9. Date of next steering group meeting (a week before next TDEG meeting maybe)

G Steering group 22 July 2020 8pm (via Zoom) 




22 Jul 2020


8:00 pm

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