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All welcome, whether it is for a one-off visit or whether you want to attend every month, to develop your bicycle knowledge.

We will do what we can to respond to everyone's needs, and if we can't cover everything on the day, we can arrange to follow up afterwards either one-on-one or at the next Repair Café, or reserve time at the next month's session.

We can help with the following, and will establish a stock of common spare parts to help us fix as much as possible there and then (Repair Café repairers will also be able to access to these spare parts):
  • General bike overviews (is my bike safe to ride? which bits do what?!)
  • Bike storage – rainproofing/dry spaces
  • How to lock a bike
  • Bike riding position (saddle/bar adjustment)
  • Pre-ride checks
  • Tyre condition (inflate/wear)
  • How to repair a puncture
  • Oiling/greasing components
  • Bolt tightening
  • Changing pedals (if not seized)
  • Replacing chain
  • Replacing brake pads (can be tricky depending on the model, and not including disc brakes)
  • Tightening brake cables
  • Replacing brake cables on cantilever and v-brake systems
  • Turning forks round to face the right way
  • Minor brake/gear cable adjustment
  • Things that make gear shifting easier
We will charge for spare parts at a not-for-profit price, so that we can replenish our stocks, but all other services are free, and there is no membership fee for attending routinely.


01 Apr 2023


3:00 pm - 5:00 pm


Old Grammar School - Playground


TDEG Cycling Group

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