Litter Picking April Update

  • We have had 4 successful litter picks to date, all taking place on a Sunday, meeting at the Pot Market at 2pm, from where we decide routes for the day. Litter pick sticks and bags have been supplied. So far, the weather has been really poor, so it has shown some great dedication and resilience for all those who have turned up – thanks to all!
  • We use different bags for non-recyclable and recyclable litter. People have kindly taken their collected litter to their own blue and grey bins, but this is not ideal.
  • We have been meeting roughly every two months, and numbers have varied at each meeting, but there has been a core group of people who have turned up on every occasion. We are hoping that the DDDC Spring Clean initiative, and better weather, will generate lots of enthusiasm for our next event!
  • Our future plans include developing a strategy to determine how we can discourage litter from being dropped in the first place, as a preventative measure – a big task!
Litter is unsightly and dangerous!
Litter is unsightly and dangerous!
Steve Elliott

Steve Elliott

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