Recycling Group April Update

  • At the February TDEG meeting, the Recycling Group welcomed Anne Welch from DCC, who presented an engaging and informative talk and Q&A session for over 40 people on the theme of recycling. Look out for recycling tips from this talk in the Village Voice “Did You know?” section over the coming months.
  • The recycling leaflet produced for new residents (reverse side of the Spring 2020 Climate Action Newsletter) will now be circulated to all households in March.
  • Crisp packet collections are on-going in Tideswell and collection boxes have now been placed in Litton shop and Cressbrook Club.
  • Pop-up recycling facilities remain a part of the whole group meetings at Fountain Square Church. Items include:
  • Unwanted IT equipment, including smartphones (laptops and PCs preferably less than 5 years old)
  • Old toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes and make-up containers
  • Large round chocolate tubs (with lids, please)
  • Stamps
  • Due to other commitments, Rob is hoping to stand down from his role as the project group lead and is looking for a volunteer to co-ordinate the group in the future.
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