Climate Action Group – meeting notes 6 Oct. 2021

  Agenda and Minutes  Date & time  Wednesday, 6th October 20:00 to 21:00  ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS  Chair  Sheelagh  Minute taker  Jules  Attendees Welcomes  Rob & Andrea, Claire, Bill, Sue, Neil, Barbara, John  (Youlgreave), Jenny  (Youlgreave), Deborah    Apologies  Lynn  Mins of last meeting  Approved  Proposed: Andrea Seconded: Rob  Matters arising  See below    Actions from last meeting  5 mins  Create […]

Encouraging Bats in our Gardens

  Going Wild – How can we encourage more bats in our gardens? When we first came to Tideswell (25 years ago), I can remember sitting at the top of our back garden on late summer evenings (possibly with a drink in hand) and watching bats flying around our houses. Lovely to see. Sadly, we […]