Climate Action Group – meeting notes 6 Oct. 2021


Agenda and Minutes 

Date & time Wednesday, 6th October 20:00 to 21:00 ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS 
Chair Sheelagh 
Minute taker Jules 
Attendees Welcomes Rob & Andrea, Claire, Bill, Sue, Neil, Barbara, John  (Youlgreave), Jenny  (Youlgreave), Deborah  
Apologies Lynn 
Mins of last meeting Approved Proposed: Andrea Seconded: Rob 
Matters arising See below  
Actions from last meeting  5 mins 

Create a list to research retrofit – started, Sheelagh + Andrea 

Find retrofit coordinators – started  

Speaker ideas for FoE Green Jobs Summit
 (GJS) – Sheelagh and Andrea. Names forwarded.  Idea to link with PDNP has been taken up. Derbyshire GJS event 19 October. Councils have committed to attend.  

Create a retrofit plan for our community
 – focus of meeting 

    All–Nudge any Councillors you know to attend.  
Agenda item 2  10 mins 

Sarah Dines MP – share HftF context : Sheelagh 

Update on meeting with SD: Sheelagh, Bill & Tom HftF Spent 30 mins with SD.  

Main thrust SD conversation was to discuss Hope for the Future (HftF)having a greater voice for the area to get funding for people to upgrade their homes. SD committed to write to Minister to ask what pace is for Green Financing, which she did. Green Home Finance Innovation Fund has been mentioned. Expect announcements pre COP26. SD said she wants to meet up again.  

Next steps: Keep in touch with County developments; Awaiting heating and building strategy for more info; Send update note to SD;    

Then Bill suggested to SD main reason for failure to get programmes for eco-upgrades to homes is that surveys hard to get done and it’s difficult to get accurate surveys and quotes. Also hard to get local contractors. Proposed funding needed to cover full retrofit (not piecemeal). If could get 100 surveys across the area would get broad picture to give to contractors as to what needed. SD liked idea and potential for job creation.  

Bill put proposal to DDDC Green Entrepreneur Fund for £6/700 per assessment. Idea well received. Asked for it to be integrated into bigger programme (maybe County-wide). On hold for now. Awaiting further development to update SD. 

Q/A Q: Any discussion external wall insulation and PDNP 

A: Not that specific at this stage. Sheelagh spoke with Head of Planning at PDNP, Brian Taylor, learned about their frustrations as planners trying to embrace upgrades but Government not changing the planning laws/rules.  

Q: Anything happening around training retrofit co-ordinators? 

A: Bill—it was included in the proposal.  

Other Lobbying:  

Climate Action Groups across Peak Park area have joined to work with PDNP. Prof Janet Fraser-Haddock, (Member & Vice Chair, Moors for the Future Partnership) suggested meet as group and to meet again 29 Oct with PDNP.   Hope Valley Energy Group has brought together whoever interested to draw up regional plan for getting retrofit schemes going.  

DDDC aims to co-ordinate these partnerships through Climate Change Officer (Joanna Hill).  

Bill to draft note to SD to report progress and sustain the relationship.

Sheelagh to note to mention PDNP frustrations to SD at next meeting  

Bill to watch for developments at District and County Councils 

Agenda item 3  40 mins 

Home energy in the community and retrofit planning: Last meeting several present want to start home energy improvements. Agreed that the following useful: 

  • Find appropriate Retrofit Coordinators—Andrea found one in Glossop and one in Sheffield via TrustMark website but no others in the locality 
  • Make a plan 
  • Consider acting as a group for purpose of property assessments  

Sheelagh, Andrea and Jules visited 3 properties in Hope Valley who have either built or done retrofit to eco-proof their homes. The owners are happy to talk to others about what they have done and will give advice.  

John talked about what he has done. He found Tom Mastin of Smart Homes, now based in Bakewell, very helpful. Andrea suggested we invite him to speak.  

Bill: Hierarchy of actions to take without having to do an expensive retrofit. Things for everyone to do.  

All—if you know of any assessors, contractors, suppliers that you recommend please send names and contact details to Sheelagh who will circulate the list.   

Bill to identify a good “hierarchy of actions” model for individuals to take to be more energy efficient to go on the website. Others can add to it.   

Sheelagh to contact Tom Mastin of Smart Homes to see if he will speak to the group. 

Agenda item 4 2 mins 

CPYF update: Been asked to have a slot at a FoE national conference to tell their story and record/write their own testimonies to be shared on social media and with politicians. Tell story about what the future holds for them and what want from politicians. To be on 27 October.  

Need more youth members and adult support people.  

All—contact Sheelagh with any young people they know who would like to join and any adults who could offer support.  

Claire to put a post on Tideswell People  

Suggested items for next meeting         
AOB 3 mins 

John of Youlgreave offered to show people round his home where he has done a retrofit including Air Source Heat Pump, insulation (used some sheeps wool) and solar panels.   

Derbyshire Dales Community Energy Group (DDCEG) looking to do some measures in Matlock on public buildings e.g. solar panels. Hoping that it will spread. Anyone interested in being part of the group is welcome to join.  

Friends of the Earth Derbyshire Green Jobs Summit 17:00-19:00 Tuesday 19 October open for all to attend. Link to register:  

Andrea proposed thanks to Sheelagh for co-ordinating all the activity and all agreed. 

Contact for DDCEG is Steve Martin: 
 Post meeting: Sheelagh remembered the idea was suggested to her of getting a community infra-red camera to lend out to people to look at their homes to assess where the priority areas of their homes are. Andrea is to look into the cost.  
Minute-taker next meeting Andrea 
Date of next meeting  Wednesday 8 December 19:30 Venue: to be confirmed nearer the time 

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