Hare watching and bird spotting around Meadow Lane

Spotted by: Deborah


Meadow Lane loop walk, Tideswell

Observations throughout January – March 2021, on my walk around Meadow Lane and Slancote Lane, Tideswell –

Little owl – 12 January, and fairly regularly since, at the Meadow Lane farmhouse
Kestrel – first spotted this year on 30th January, and I see quite often at the moment.
Buzzard 17 Jan, and a few times since
Skylarks from mid February
Pied wagtails from the end of February
Curlew – one on 9 March, and since then I quite often see a pair
Meadow pipits by mid March
Fieldfares still present in March
Brown hares – two at the end of February, and very occasionally one since then.
Today I was walking back up Sherwood Road towards the village, and a hare came out of Slancote Lane, and turned left towards the dairy farm.