TDEG Whole Group Meeting – Helping Nature’s Recovery – 9 December, 2020

Our TDEG whole group meeting on Wednesday, 9 December, 2020, welcomed Dave Savage, Regional Manager for the Dark and White Peak, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust.

Dave shared with us concerns about the global ecological crisis, as well as ways to help nature’s recovery in the future. Derbyshire Wildlife Trust have exciting plans concerning their own nature reserves (including the re-introduction of beavers at Willington Wetlands in 2021), as well as initiatives for working with local landowners to create a wilder Derbyshire.

Dave also shared ideas about what we could all do – in our own homes and gardens, and in our local communities.

TDEG are looking forward to developing some of Dave’s ideas in 2021, including improvements to biodiversity on our local roadside verges, and working with various local organisations to improve wildlife for all of us. Read more on our wildlife project group page.

We have also produced a more general position statement on our view about the declines in our local wildlife.

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