TDEG Committee – Wed. 17 Jan. 2024 – Notes


Date & time

17.1.24 @19:30




Minute taker



Andrea, Laura, Rob, Sue, Suzanne, Steve



Bill, Helen, Jules, Lynn, Josie

Mins of last meeting



Matters arising?




Action from last meeting

Banner (Laura / Andrea)


Banner design options discussed

*2’x 6’, eyelets, cotton preferred, consistency important with our brand, nice to have logo ~ wording around perhaps not needed /too small, colour discussed including use of the green from our website, all lettering recommended to be central, font same for all of the banner,

*Good to use a banner at Repair Café as RC not being seen as part of TDEG by many. Also use at all other events.

Laura & Andrea: Redesign and order

Chair update

Sue updated on her commitment to TDEG.  



*FoE can’t support TDEG opening a Co-op bank yet, an issue with their charity number. Laura to keep in touch with FoE.

*Ethical Consumer subscription taken from whole group funds.

*Inaccurate report in Village Voice of TDEG awarded £2500.

Lynn: Follow up error with Village Voice editor


No secretary in post



Lynn sent apologies


FoE feedback

See below


Project leads


Bike Maintenance

Helen sent apologies


Climate Action

No Climate Action Group project leader in post

Primary Education project (Andrea)

Eco-councils now in Litton and Tideswell Schools

Litton to be a Peak Park Ambassador School at Lynn’s suggestion.


Ethical Consumer

Jules sent feedback:

Cover arranged while she’s away with Repair Café team and Buying for Good group.



>Bill circulated the latest version of the litter pick guide. He hopes it will support someone to lead the next litter pick.

>Suggestion that TDEG organise 2-3 litter picks a year. >Recommended in winter.

>See if volunteer available nearer the time unless Jane U interested.

Suzanne: Ask Jane U if interested in litter pick/s.

All: Arrange next litter pick at next committee mtg


Lynn sent feedback:

George Jones, Derbyshire Wildlife Trust may have funding and time for tree-planting with TDEG, before end of March or in the autumn.




Next TDEG whole group meeting

>Proposed in-house whole group TDEG meeting.

>Tuesday 19th March suggested date.

>Creating a TDEG manifesto seen as too big a job.

>Concluded that creating election questions would be valuable to then use to ask at any TDEG meeting with candidates, at hustings, personally or in written communication. How to use the generated questions would need to be communicated.

>Agreed this is a closed meeting for 130 TDEG members only.  

Lynn: Request volunteers to meet & draft a plan to propose at next committee mtg.  


Book FSC 19.3.24, 19:00-21:00

Seed swap launch (Sue / Josie)


>Agreed to launch after the Repair Café on Sat 17th Feb 13:00-14:00 at Tideswell Community Hall.

>Drop seeds off during the Repair Café 10:00-13:00

>Sue to organise the event. Seed swap team: Sue, Josie, Judith, perhaps Helen (for Kitchen Garden) 

>Josie submitted article for the Feb VV ~ thank you. Article mentioned that there will be advice on the best way to use peat free compost.

>Laura recommended for advice

Andrea: Book the Community Hall 17.2.24 13:00-14:00

Sue: Contact Seed swap team

Sue & Lynn: Advertise seed swap launch

Working together with scouts (Andrea) 


>Millie Barlow, Tideswell Scout Leader requested TDEG in-put to this year’s scout schedule.
>Scouts are working towards badges for conservation (inc Peak Park), forestry and farming. Meeting suggested between Millie and interested TDEG members.
>Scouts involvement in community litter picking event discussed. Health & safety an issue so away from roads recommended eg Community Park/sports grounds or Tideswell Dale. When TDEG litter pick planned, contact Scout leaders prior to event. Andrea & Rob currently have the pick sticks.

Andrea: To organise meeting with Millie, Lynn, Suzanne to offer help with badges

Bill: Add to litter pick guide, contact scouts when litter pick planned.




Eco-schools fee of £200 ~ Tideswell School

Andrea outlined the pros and cons of funding Eco-Schools fee at Tideswell School. The conclusion was that TDEG would rather offer funds that directly benefit the children and offering Eco-council badges was suggested. If Tideswell school’s senior leaders are interested then match funding would be considered.

It was asked what is the legacy of the Eco-Schools’ accreditation for the school?

Litton School bike rack funding

Andrea liaised with Helen of Bike group. Helen is in discussion with Litton PC about installing a bike rack. If not installed at the play park then could be at the school. Otherwise Helen would think about other options.

Andrea: to inform BPS teacher that TDEG would match fund £100with the school but TDEG would fund Eco-council badges for students.

Helen: follow up possibility of spare bike rack for Litton School

FoE feedback and campaign (Sue)


Thanks to Sue for becoming our FoE link

Richard Dyer (FoE) wants to recruit campaigners. Can his campaigns be brought into our existing projects?

Concluded that our energies go into projects of our interest, some of which already include campaigning eg Right to Repair

Sue: Write to FoE Richard


Agenda items for people unable to attend ~ sent by email


Youth Forum (Jules)


Jules > “Recruitment is key and encouraging children from the schools and scouts. Maybe thinking about how this could be managed for the Summer term?

Andrea > There were 6-8 x Y6 students involved in eco-projects last school year who could be contacted now they are established in Y7. Andrea could discuss with a Youth Forum lead. Only 2 in current Y6.


TDEG leaflet (Lynn)


Lynn met designer Matt Clark, talked through ideas. He should be available soon. Lynn putting some draft words together to share with the committee.  Laura offered support.

Lynn: Share draft with Laura then committee

AOB (Simon Daniell) via email

Lady Manners School signed up so students can learn from having their own solar panel. Excellent news that LMS involved. At this point, too early in our work with Tideswell or Litton Schools to get involved but consider for another year.

Andrea: Reply to Simon

Dates of next meetings

Date of next committee meeting: Weds 28 Feb 19:30 online

Date of next whole group meeting: Tues 19 March @ FSC

Date of Seed Swap @ Community Hall: Sat 17 Feb 13:00-14:00


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