Ethical Consumer Group Meeting – 28 January 2021

Agenda and Minutes

Date & time

Thursday 28th January, 8:30pm





Minute taker



Claire, Gillian, Jules, Ben and Kirstin, Sue, Sheelagh, Suzanne, Adam and Laura, Alice, Bill, Jonah, Margaret, Barbara, Fiona, Carrie



Mins of last meeting


First meeting – nothing to approve

Matters arising?



Actions from last meeting

First meeting; no actions


Purpose of this meeting

To re-launch the ECG; to discover the interests and ideas of group members and plan a way forward.


Agenda item 1 (+ approx. timing)

Introductions (5-10 mins) – people to introduce themselves and say why they are here.

Comments typed into Chat.  Generally, people want to find out more about ethical consumerism, become more thoughtful and informed consumers, find out about ways to shop more ethically in the local area and to support our community to support ethical shopping.

Ideas saved in Chat by Jules.  Copy kept by Chair.

Agenda item 2 (+ approx. timing)

Revisit the principles of the original ECG.  Are we happy with these as they are, or do we want to change/add to them? (15-20 minutes)

Claire shared the original principles, objectives and method of working with the group.  Generally, people were supportive of the existing content, agreeing on suggested changes and making further suggestions for improvement (saved in Chat).

Claire to revise document based on comments.

Agenda item 3 (+ approx. timing)

Areas of interest – people use CHAT to record.  Discuss ideas and suggestions.  How can people take these ideas forward? (20 mins)

People commented in Chat about their ideas and suggestions.  Some people talked about their ideas to the whole group:

  • Jules explained her idea for creating a Zero Waste Outlet in Tideswell.  There was lots of support for exploring this idea further.
  • Laura and Adam summarised their project idea in developing a Sustainable Food Group, i.e. helping people to identify where they can source sustainable food (from shops, cafes, restaurants etc) through creating a food map of the local area, and also developing a ‘community plant & seed swap’. 
  • Claire talked about her ‘clothes sale/swap’ plans, which have been put on hold due to Covid.

Following these talks, Ben and Kirstin suggested turning the phone box on Market Square into a ‘plant swap’.  This idea was well received.  Laura and Adam are already in talks about using the community garden (behind the Church) too.

See Chat for further comments.

1.      Sheelagh and Carrie to support Jules in researching zero waste outlet idea further.

2.      Laura & Adam to continue pursuing their sustainable food project plans.

3.      Claire to share on Facebook and in the next TDEG project group update the names of some EC apps and information on what it is to be an ethical consumer.

AOB/Next steps

Suggestions in Chat:

Sue: Approach Parish Council, e.g. ref the phone box, which may already be earmarked. or ref a shop space etc. They may have ideas, and contacts.

Jules: I’ll do my Zero Waste outlet research!

Margaret: To work out how we can access information about products, and then how to share it, encouraging people to ‘think before they buy’.

Barbara: Come up with a list of recommended products and sources.

Jonah: Potentially, encourage discussion about these topics.

People to take these suggestions further before next meeting, if they can.

Suggested items for next meeting

Catch up: What have people been doing since last meeting?


Minute-taker next meeting


Date of next meeting

Thursday 25th March 8-9pm

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