TDEG Update – February 2021

Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic – or maybe because of being in a global pandemic – talk of the climate and ecological emergency seems to be on everyone’s lips and in every media outlet – third only, perhaps unsurprisingly, to the pandemic itself and to Brexit!  It was announced yesterday on […]

Ethical Consumer Group Meeting – 28 January 2021

Agenda and Minutes Date & time Thursday 28th January, 8:30pm ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS Chair Claire McKenzie   Minute taker Gillian White Attendees Claire (Chair), Gillian White, Jules Fell, Ben and Kirstin Twelves, Sue Barber, Sheelagh Handy, Suzanne Leckie, Adam Saunders and Laura Hutchinson, Alice Overton, Bill Purvis, Jonah Purvis, Margaret Filer, Barbara Crossly, Fiona Roberts, Carrie […]