Climate Action group

  • We have invited Roz Lees, NT Ranger, to talk about Climate Action on the Peak District Moors at one of our future TDEG meetings. Andrea was out on the moors on Saturday planting sphagnum moss, as was Kathy on Sunday!
  • We have produced a Spring Climate Action newsletter  (on recycled card to keep to hand) with a focus on domestic energy and actions to reduce home energy use. These will be delivered to all households in Tideswell, and copies will also be available to other villages. Notices will be placed in the Village Voice and on Facebook to alert people to look out for the newsletter. Thanks to all who contributed to the final version.
  • Some members have discussed the climate emergency, and actions that could be taken, at their workplaces. Well done to Matt for his extensive work at the University of Sheffield.
  • Extinction Rebellion Buxton has offered to come to speak to our project group. We will explore this possibility and plan to hold a meeting with XR at a separate time from whole TDEG meetings so members of other project groups can attend.
Climate action - Sphagnum planting on Roaches peat bogs

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