Climate Action Group meeting 12 Jan 22

Date & time Wednesday, 12 January 2022 19.45 to 21.00 ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS 
Chair Julia 
 Note taker Sheelagh 
Attendees Neil, Andrea, Chris, Dave, Josh, John,  Kath, Bill, Kelda, Kirstin, Ben, Rob, Sue, Faith  
Apologies Claire, Lynn 
Mins of last meeting Approved Neil and Bill 
Matters arising None  
Actions from last meeting 

Retrofit Home Energy Research and Links document shared with CAG members: Sheelagh/Andrea. Jules thanked for the work that has gone into this, a very useful doc. All agreed to place on website.  

Link to the PDF is here.

Attend pre-meeting for Peak Climate 5 Jan: Sheelagh attended. See Item 3. 

Place doc onto website: Sheelagh   

Neil to share DDDC Climate Roadshow information  

Agenda item 2 

Talk by Dave and Josh from TREE – The Renewable Energy Enterprise 

Started 2011, part of Turbine Energy, registered with HIES and MCS, now specialise in ASHPs and Solar PV. 

Ways to reduce your carbon footprint: average home produces 8.1tCO2 per year – solar. 4kW saves 1.4tCO2; ASHP 2.3tCO2 per year. 

Solar: tariffs stopped so best to use electricity yourself. Most people who install want to save money, help the environment. 

Technology: efficiency, longevity, power, storage by battery. Providers now charging for registration. Importance of quality of installation. 90% can now be recycled. 

Renewable Heat Incentive repayments over 7yrs up to £11,200, ends 31 March. 1 April £5000 one off payment. Important you get a full heat-loss calculation survey and up-to-date EPC.  Storage, space considerations. Can be creative in positioning to accommodate different housing types. 

Questions raised the following points: 

Heat pumps comparative costs: Gas – 8% saving, oil 40%. Heat pumps are more efficient.  

Insulation: minimum 100 ml loft and, if possible, cavity wall to access grant.  

Ventilation: advice given e.g. positioning of radiators for convection. 

New builds benefit from combination of underfloor heating and radiators. Underfloor downstairs as heat rises. 

Solar panels already at 90% efficiency, now near top end of technology. Dave (TREE) will look into solar heating of public toilets water at request from Cllr Buttle. This would save DDDC thousands. 

TREE to give presentation at full TDEG meeting on 22 March
















TREE and Neil to link on solar toilets 

Agenda item 3  Updates 

Sarah Dines MP engagement – Bill outlined working group’s request to SD for a meeting including DDDC officers. Focus on need for government policy, targets and funding to ensure long term planning, at pace. Group had met earlier on 12 January to progress the request. 

Faith suggested we share the information with HVCA group also working through HftF to strengthen the message. All agreed.  

FoE – invitation extended to attend Regional CAG meeting 26 Jan 7pm  

Invitation to Buxton Rotary Save the Planet Environment Event: Planning Wed 2 Feb 8pm   

CPYF – joining TDEG and Peak Park tree planting project.  MP meeting update: Robert Largan successful, Sarah Dines still to commit. Still need for new members.  

Peak Climate – 11 January, topic Land Management. Lynn joined Sheelagh as expert on topic. 

Sheelagh to share with HVCA      




Sheelagh to attend FoE 

Email interest to SH for these events.  

All: seek ways to communicate CPYF to local youth/parents 

Agenda item 4 

CAG – Where are we? 

2021 achievements: CPYF established; home energy progress. 

2022 aims: external wall insulation through Peak Park, significant carbon reduction. Continue home energy. Encourage more youth engagement in CPYF.  


Send thoughts on 2022 aims and how members wish to be involved to Sheelagh 

AOB Sue has submitted energy policy motion to LibDem conference.  
Suggested items for next meeting Insulation: discussion of internal/ external possibilities.  
Chair Note-taker next meeting Chair: tbd  Note-taker: tbd 
Date of next meeting 9 March 2022 7.30 pm 

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