TDEG Committee Meeting – 10 Nov. 2021

Agenda and Minutes

Date & timeWednesday 10 November 2021 7.30pmCOMMENTS/ ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS
Minute takerDeborah 
AttendeesLynn, Deborah, Laura, Suzanne,  

Andrea, Rob, Sheelagh, Claire, Sue, Adam, Steve

Thanks to all those not able to attend, who submitted comments on the agenda beforehand.

Mins of last meeting Approved 

Matters arising


Plastic free accreditation: it was agreed that this could not be pursued at present, as there is no-one able to take this forward.  However, it was agreed that we would like to take up Andrea’s helpful offer to work with Bishop Pursglove School’s Eco Committee, when they are accepting visitors again. Andrea to explore with BP School, when allowed.
Actions from last meeting

(a) Rob organised the Zoom link for the last meeting.

(b) Sheelagh has successfully submitted a bid to DDDC for CYPF Zoom (£50) and the Repair Cafe (£450).  Sheelagh was thanked for this.

(c) Laura’s research into a TDEG sign suggests it would cost about £70.  There are three options: recyclable plastic, recycled plastic or cotton.  It was agreed that we would go with the  recycled plastic option.

(d) Sheelagh has discussed communications with Claire, and they agreed better efficiency is possible.

(e) Lynn has arranged for Kate Lemon from Derbyshire Wildlife Trust to speak on 24th November about the reintroduction of beavers to Derbyshire.   

(f) Rob has emailed SAS, and is awaiting a response.  It seems, however, that probably someone from SAS would give a very similar talk to Andy Shelton’s, so it may not be something that we progress.

(g) Claire introduced the speaker at the last meeting.





Agenda item 1 

Updates from the honorary officers

Lynn (chair) gave an update on the Clothes Swap, which takes place on Saturday 20th November.  There is a planning meeting on Friday 12th November at 2.30pm at Claire’s house.  Posters have gone up round the village, and online.

Laura (treasurer) has now had the bank details transferred to her.

Deborah (secretary) asked if there were any issues re the emails she forwards from the TDEG webmail – none known. 

There was a discussion about the recording of names on posts published on the website.  It was agreed to try a new policy, whereby there are no full names on the website.  It was felt, however, that TDEG members need to know who the honorary officers are.  Therefore it was decided that in future the Annual Report and AGM minutes with full names will be emailed to members as pdf documents.  The website versions of these documents will not have these names in them.  Meeting notes posted on the website will use first names only. Lynn and Deborah will amend documents already on the website accordingly.







Deborah and Lynn to amend names in meetings notes in website posts and on relevant website pages.

Agenda item 2 

Communication of TDEG news

Sheelagh has suggested that once/twice a year a paper copy of a TDEG newsletter would communicate our work further than is the case presently.  This was carefully considered in the meeting, and issues raised included the numbers of copies needed, the use of paper, people to distribute, and a reluctance to knock on doors to find out who might want a newsletter.  Those present also wondered whether it would increase engagement if it was done on a regular basis, as we should be encouraging people to join online (with all the privacy regs and organisational advantages that provides). 

However, it was thought that from time to time a special one-off newsletter could be appropriate.   It was also felt it might be helpful to Alan Page editing the Village Voice if we make it clear what in our information is a priority that we would like published.

Sheelagh has been offered a large printer by an old fracking group, which we agreed should be accepted for use by TDEG, and she was thanked for this. Lynn will contact the fracking group to thank them also.

TDEG would need to provide eco ink and paper for the printer. But this would be really useful for additional flyers /leaflets, and any special newsletters.

Project groups to consider if and when they might wish to produce special paper copy newsletters.


Claire to provide VV with a clear idea of our priorities/hopes for publication each month.


Lynn will contact the fracking group to thank them for the gift of the printer.

Sheelagh to purchase supply of eco ink and paper and invoice TDEG for purchase, and let the committee members know when the printer is available for use.

Agenda item 3 

Queen’s Platinum Jubilee 2022

Lynn in her capacity as project lead for the Wildlife Group has approached Tideswell Parish Council, Tideswell Sports Association, Tideswell Community Association, Tideswell Community Orchard, and Bishop Pursglove School, with a tentative enquiry as to whether they would be interested in getting involved with this scheme. 


The Parish Council have said they would like to work with TDEG to explore the possibility of tree planting in 2022.  The question is what land would be available for the project.  Lynn has calculated that if a tree was planted for every child under 16 in the parish  (300-400), planted 2m apart, the land needed would be 40m x 40m.  Josie (Community Orchard) has suggested an alternative would be giving people a tree to plant in their garden, and the Parish Council is also interested in this idea. 

The PC have asked Lynn to write an article for Village Voice to see if there are other groups in the village – landowners, Scouts – that would like to get involved. Suzanne suggested adding local businesses to the list. Lynn also wondered if other TDEG project groups would like to get involved, ie for it to be a whole TDEG initiative, rather than just one for the Wildlife Group. Other committee members have responded positively via the Google doc. All agreed this should be a whole group initiative.



Lynn to write article for Village Voice asking for further expressions of interest in joining a partnership.

Agenda item 4 

Ethical consumer magazine

Rob raised whether we should continue to buy one copy and share it around the Committee (currently about 12 people, though 2 have  since organised their own subscriptions).   He said he felt that the future use of our subscription should be left to the Ethical Consumer Group to decide.  In the meeting there was no wish to subscribe to more copies for the group, and it was felt that it could be left to individuals to decide whether to have their own subscription.  It was also suggested that the ECG might consider whether to donate old copies to the Library.


ECG to consider if they wish to buy further copies.

ECG to check if the Tideswell library would like to store old copies.

Agenda item 5

Meeting 24th November – ‘Beavers are Back’

Kate Lemon is coming to speak.  Setting up at the Fountain Square Church will be at 6.30pm, with chairs spaced apart. Please can committee members come along then, to help with chairs, etc.

Lynn will introduce Kate, who will speak 7-8pm.  Suzanne will thank Kate at the end of her talk if she is able to come to the meeting.  If she is unable to, Lynn will ask Claire if she can do so.  Lynn will make some posters, and tell the Beavers, Cubs and Scouts about the talk.

Lynn to ask Claire to thank speaker, if Suzanne unable to be at the meeting.

Lynn to make posters.

Lynn to inform Beavers, Cubs and Scouts.

Agenda item6

Proposals for next whole group meeting

Provisional date 2nd March 

Various possibilities were suggested – sustainable policies at the Co-op, something arising from COP26, gas boilers/heat pumps, local infrastructure for electric vehicles.


Lynn to circulate ideas to committee members, to ask for input. 

(a) The Committee is delighted to hear about £500 grant from Tideswell Parish Council for the repair cafe (Jules), as well as £450 from Derbyshire Dales District Council (Neil Buttle), and the printer from FrackFree Mission.  Lynn will send formal thank yous on behalf of the committee.

(b) A new litter pick lead is needed to take over from Steve.


Lynn to send formal thank yous on behalf of the committee.



Suzanne to contact people on the litter pick email list. 

Suggested items for next meetingPlease forward ideas. 
Chair for next meetingVolunteer needed.
Minute-taker next meetingDeborah
Date of next meeting16th February 2022

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