Seven Steps to Save the Planet

as explained by Faith Johnson, (Peak District Environmental Quality Mark) in her presentation to TDEG, September, 2019

  • Say it how it is – To get more conversations going we will create a range of information sources on the need for Climate Action to share with the community and parish council.
  • Media – To support personal actions to reduce CO2 we will establish a regular newsletter and use other local media to communicate our ideas and activities.
  • Keep carbon in the ground – We will focus on key local issues: energy use, tree planting and peat bogs.
  • Leadership and politicians – We will support and work with the parish council. We will establish strong links with local and district councillors and members of parliament.
  • Influence a new future – Using positivity and hope we will inspire people to make the changes we need for a sustainable new future, available to all.
  • Divest – We will explore and explain energy suppliers, ethical banking and ethical ratings for investments.
  • Model – We will be the change we want to see and will seek wider opinions through meetings and social media.
PDEQM for local green businesses
Climate action - Sphagnum planting on Roaches peat bogs
Climate action - Sphagnum planting on Roaches peat bogs