Eating sustainably in Tideswell & District

Vegan salted caramel torte
Tideswell Food festival
Tideswell Food Festival

Discover the local, sustainable produce that is right on your doorstep! We want to highlight all of the great, independent and local shops (in stores, restaurants and online) that sell sustainable produce. This map shows the shops, cafes and restaurants that sell sustainable food. You can also buy locally produced Peak District food online at and, which allow you to purchase from a number of local businesses and producers in a one stop shop.

What is sustainable food? The above map shows retailers (shops, restaurants and cafes) that sell food that is either local, organic or zero/low waste. The map also shows restaurants and cafes that sell at least two vegan options. You can select the type of products you would like to see on the left hand side of the map.  There is more information on each retailer on the map – just click on the pin.

But isn’t this type of food  difficult or expensive to get? Low-waste, organic, vegan, and locally produced food can also be found in your local supermarket. Local village Co-ops sell baked goods and ales produced in the Peak District, and you can purchase fruit and vegetables without using plastic packaging. Ethical Consumer give some simple tips on what to look out for when shopping in your local supermarket.

Vegan mince pies