Sightings at Summercross

Spotted by: John


Connaught House- top of Summer Cross and surrounding land

These are sightings over several years at Connaught House, Summercross

Visitors to the bird table in 2018 included Red Leg Partridge, Sparrow Hawk, Lesser Spotted Woodpecker and Kestrel.
Barn Owl and Tawny Owl regularly visit the buildings.
Pair of Starlings nested last year but did not rear young.
Resident flock of approx. 20 House Sparrows in the buildings.
Woodcock and Snipe visit . Flock of Woodcock seen flying over Dec 2020
A very rare sighting of a pair of Eider duck seen visiting a pond April 2018.

Bank Voles, Rats and Weasel also live close to us.
Bat –possibly Greater Horseshoe hunts in the area
The photo attached is either a cricket or a grasshopper (we think a grasshopper).