Climate Action Group – meeting notes 6 Oct. 2021

  Agenda and Minutes  Date & time  Wednesday, 6th October 20:00 to 21:00  ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS  Chair  Sheelagh Handy  Minute taker  Jules Fell  Attendees Welcomes  Rob & Andrea Mitson, Claire McKenzie, Bill Purvis, Sue Barber, Neil Buttle, Barbara Ryder, John Youatt (Youlgreave), Jenny Hyde (Youlgreave), Deborah Fulford    Apologies  Lynn Crowe  Mins of last meeting  Approved  Proposed: Andrea Seconded: Rob  Matters […]

Plastic Free Chesterfield

– TDEG Whole Group Meeting – Wednesday 22nd September 2021 Andy Shelton, from Plastic Free Chesterfield, gave a talk on Zoom about how his community is progressing towards removing the use of single-use plastic (please click on the link below to see Andy’s full presentation).  Plastic Free Chesterfield – presentation Andy explained that the “Plastic […]

TDEG Committee Meeting 8 September 2021

TDEG Committee Meeting  Agenda and Minutes  Date & time  Weds 8th September 2021  7:30pm  ACTIONS/NEXT STEPS  Chair  Rob Mitson  Minute taker  Deborah Fulford  Attendees  Rob Mitson, Andrea Mitson, Laura Saunders, Sheelagh Handy, Suzanne Leckie, Steve Elliott, Sue Barber, Deborah Fulford     Apologies  Claire McKenzie, Adam Saunders, Lynn Crowe   Mins of last meeting  Approved    Matters arising   See […]

Young Christian Climate Network Walk from Cornwall to Glasgow

The Young Christian Climate Network are taking action by walking all the way from Carbis Bay, Cornwall, where the G7 Summit took place, to Glasgow, to arrive at the start of COP26. The walkers arrive in Bamford on Monday 6th September. We can welcome them as they arrive, and even join them as they walk […]

TDEG Climate Action Group Meeting Notes – 28 July 2021

AGENDA AND MINUTES Date & time Wednesday, 28 July 19.45 to 21.00 ACTIONS/ NEXT STEPS Chair Sheelagh Handy Minute-taker S Handy Attendees Kelda Boothroyd, Julia Fell, Sheelagh Handy, Andrea Mitson, Frances Sussex, Steve Taylor, Charles Huff, Robin Edwards, Chris Handy, Joan Bowyer, Rob Mitson Apologies Claire McKenzie, Bill Purvis, Lynn Crowe Mins of last meeting […]

TDEG Climate Action Group Meeting Notes 28 April 2021

  AGENDA AND MINUTES Date & time Wednesday, 28 April 2021 19.45 to 21.00  Chair Sheelagh Handy Minute taker Claire McKenzie Attendees Sheelagh Handy, Francis Sussex, Andrea Mitson, Rob Mitson, Claire McKenzie, Sue Barber, Matt Watson, Laura Saunders, Adam Saunders, Jules Fell, Bill Purvis, Martin Beer, Katherine & Tilly Sarah, Vaila, Taz, Zoe, Rowan, Emily, […]